Zhongxiu 'Aurora' Peddycord-Liu

Howdy. I’m a lady detective disguised as a data scientist. I am passionate about discovering and distributing knowledge.
Working at SAS, I derive actionable business insight from e-learning data and communicate them regularly to decision makers. I develop data science courses, such as this neural networks, and deliver data analytics training to professionals using SAS software.
I obtained a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from NC State. I led an NSF project during which I innovated data-driven methods to understand, model, and improve learning in creative educational technologies. I distributed my knowledge through publications and presentations at top-tier research conferences, including the best student paper nominee at Artificial Intelligence in Education and at Educational Data Mining conferences. I also spread my passion in computer science research through leading K12 outreach program and mentoring younger graduate students.
I care about education equity and inclusiveness of STEM. I'm a rescue mom of my Chihuahuas Cocoa Bean and Eclair Puff, and my cat Cinnamon Bun. I like traveling, painting, and eating food with my husband.


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